"I was the Hexham Homing Society Junior of the Year 1975!" Roger Scott

Breeding and racing pigeons gives a valuable insight into not only the bird but the industry too. Pigeons are indeed fascinating animals and thanks to modern avian veterinary knowledge we are able to do quite a lot to keep flocks healthy and high performing. The industry itself is also fascinating and we understand your requirements in terms of loft disinfection, prophylactic medication and strategic group medication when necessary. We believe that veterinary involvement in these matters is important to avoid the misunderstandings that have riddled the industry in the past. Proper use of prescription-only medicines is vitally important for a sustainable, clean and legal industry.

We recommend an annual loft visit and a written health plan to make sure all health and performance issues are being addressed properly and, equally importantly, things that don't need doing can be identified and stopped thus saving time and money and possibly avoiding any potentially harmful practices such as vitamin overdose and mineral imbalance.

To speak to Roger, our resident ex fancier, then give us a ring and where appropriate a loft visit can be organised.

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