We offer complete care for your pets, round the clock, all year long.

Outpatient appointments

Our surgery times are designed to suit everyone's different lifestyle. We have morning appointments (gets it done and out the way!), we have lunchtime appointments (if you need to sneak away from work) and we have evening appointments (for those of you who can't sneak away from work!). You may develop a close working relationship with one vet in particular - where this is the case we will endeavour to make your appointment with that vet, failing that we'll always get you seen by someone else if necessary.

Preventative Healthcare

One of the most important aspect of pet ownership is keeping your pets healthy. We provide complete support for routine preventative health care for your animal from advice on worming and flea treatment to reminders for annual vaccinations.
To complete the picture we also offer our Pet Health Scheme - a club where we collect a monthyl direct debit and all aspects of routine health care are included and can be collected from the surgery free of charge. This makes your life easier and saves you money! Please click here to read more about our Pet Health Scheme.


Sometimes its not obvious whats wrong. We are fully equiped with radiography, ultrasonography, endoscopy, electrocardiography and a full in house lab for cytology, haematology, blood gas analysis and biochemistry. After all that if we still cant make the diagnosis then we use a range of outside laboratories and outside referral centres for MRI or CT scanning and other advanced procedures.


We are the only practice in the area to offer true 24 hour nursing. Our warm, comfotable wards are never without human presence. We dont use stainless steel cages - we use plastic kennels and cat homes which are warm, comfortable, non rattly and still completely hygienic.

Nurse clinics

Our fully trained Veterinary Nurses (VNs) are available for consultation on the subjects of care of the youngster, care in old age, dietary management, obesity/diabetic management and nutritional advice. We have our own specially comissioned range of diets we can explain to you.


We offer services to the RSPCA and to the general public with wildlife welfare concerns. We support the RSPCA in their difficult work and are proud to be involved with returning many animals a year to healthier happier lives. If you would like to donate to the RSPCA then we can help you. We treat wildlife free of charge.


Breeding is a specialised area really only for those knowledgable and competent in this field. We are here to help with the whole breeding process from conception to labour. Please talk to us if you think you may be interested in breeding animals. We will help ensure you have the necessary skills, experience and training.


Veterinary prescriptions are available from Scott Mitchell Associates.You may obtain Prescription Only Medicines, Category V, (POM-V) from Scott Mitchell Associates OR ask for a prescription and obtain these medicines from another Veterinary Surgeon or a pharmacy. Your Veterinary Surgeon may prescribe POM-Vs only for animals under his or her care. A prescription may not be appropriate if your animal is an in-patient in the practice or if immediate treatment is necessary.You will be informed, on request and on your invoice, of the price of any medication that may be dispensed for your animal.

Scott Mitchell Associates requires any animals requiring repeat prescriptions must be re-assessed at least every 6 months. The standard charge for a re-examination is £26.00.

During the 6 months after re-assessment repeat prescriptions will be at the veterinary surgeons discretion – we advise all clients that we need at least 24 hours notice for a repeat prescription. If any circumstances have changed since your animal was last examined you must keep us informed of these changes.

Further information on the prices of medicines is available on request.

Inpatient appointments

If your pet is coming in to see us you may just need to drop them off in the morning at a time that suits. If you're an early starter then thats no problem - we have someone here all the time. Other times we may want a chat with you prior to admission in which case an appointment will be made that morning or failing that the night before after which you can admit your pet for an over night stay if necessary - remember - there's alway someone here to look after them.

What inpatient services do we offer?

Sedation and General Anaesthesia

For major procedures then there is usually no alternative to a GA - we monitor all of our anaesthetics and have an exceptionally safe track record. We use the latest anaesthetic agents and systems, and always use fresh piped oxygen. For minor procedures, especially in the case of nervous patients, then we may use sedation. This takes all the stress and anxiety away for everyone involved, most importantly your pet. Our sedatives are very safe and the great thing is - they can be reversed to get you all away home as quickly as you want to.


We have a custom made operating theatre for super clean, state of the art surgery be it orthopaedic, abdominal, thoracic or plastic. Our surgical instruments are autoclaved for complete sterility and we use drapes and gowns just as you would expect. If you would like to see our theatre we have a viewing window - that allows you to see it without coming in and contaminating it! We dont encourage people to watch their pets being operated on though. This is a time of intense focus on the part of the surgical team; the last thing they want is distraction of any sort - so, if you were thinking of asking, sorry!


Dentistry is a fast growing area of our profession. People now expect their pets to have healthy, pain free, and yes, odour free mouths! We make a big difference here with annual scale and polish becoming the norm and extractions or reconstruction work where necessary.




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