"Calving cows and supplying drugs just isn't enough for todays farm industry - we're about so much more than that" Roger Scott

Scott Mitchell Associates are completely commited to providing advanced farm services not just for the individual sick animal but at a whole farm level.

We deliver comprehensive all-embracing health plans to all our farm clients and in doing so maximise health, welfare and productivity for each unit. Our health plans are web based for easy access by the client (password protected) and are wholly compliant with drug prescribing laws and farm assurance schemes. Its not just about compliance though - our primary aim is to deliver quality consultancy that really works for you and your enterprise.

As a progressive practice we offer advanced services in all areas including obstetrics, surgery, fertility, ultrasound scanning, semen testing, lameness, fracture management, mastitis consultancy, hospitalisation for calves and extensive in-house laboratory services for worm egg counting and blood profiling for metabolic/nutritional status, trace elements and liver health.

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