"We actively promote health schemes for beef herds" Lee-Anne Oliver

We understand that the financial margins associated with beef production are tight, so increasing efficiency and reducing losses are essential for beef farms to be profitable. All our beef clients are encouraged to have a working health plan - our health planning system has a performance recording section which can be invaluable to highlight areas that could be improved. Bull breeding soundness examinations are offered including semen testing. We strongly recommend this for your bulls before use, not after!! All the usual fertility services including ultrasound scanning, heat synchronisation, condition scoring, pre-breeding checks, post natal checks and obsetrics are provided.

Blood Productivity Profiling is performed on most of our beef farms and analysed in our in-house laboratory. Trace element deficiencies (or - just as common excesses) and dietary imbalances can be identified and acted on thus saving several small fortunes!

At Scott Mitchell Associates we actively promote Health Schemes for beef herds regarding the control of infectious diseases such as BVD, Johne's disease, IBR and Leptospirosis. CHeCS accreditation is a valuable commercial advantage - we can help you with this.


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