"It's quality not quantity in the North East dairy industry - and yes - we do robots!" Roger Scott

The practice offers comprehensive veterinary services to our dairy clients. Routine fertility visits are offered as standard to all clients, on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. Herd health plans are formulated for all our dairies and these are reviewed regularly and updated as and when necessary. Our vets work closely with nutritionists and paraprofessionals on our dairy farms to ensure the overall health and production of the herd is maintained. Metabolic profile blood sampling is performed and analysed in our in-house laboratory to help assess dairy cow diets, mineral status and liver health.

It goes without saying that between routine visits our usual 24hour emergency service is available to all clients for the inevitable obsetrical emergency or sick cow!

Despite major contractions in the North East dairy herd we still work with a significant number of large herds, small herd, house cows and yes, even robots! - there's not a lot we cant help with; just ask!

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