Scott Mitchell Newletter

Farm News Juy 2019

AI Package

Worming suckler cows

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Farm News June 2019

Worming lambs

BVD tissue tags

Ovine Johne's Vaccine

Why do lambs die?

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Farm News May 2019

Pre breeding preparation

Leptospirosis vaccine

Worming suckler cows

Sheep abortion

Abortion vaccines

Aborted ewe testing at The SUrgery - 6th June 2019

Nematodirus in lambs

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Farm News April 2019

Calving beef cows

New product - Sensiblex

Seasonal drugs

- Tolracol

- Endospec

- Spotinor

- Ectofly

SAC Consulting @ Scott Mitchell Associates

Betamox LA


Dopram drops & injection

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Farm News March 2019

Scott Mitchell's Got Talent

Scabivax update

Double XL Calf Colostrum


Johne's testing in ewes

Lambing photo competition

Veterinary medicines

BVD Stamp It Out - second visits 


Farm News February 2019

Lamb Hypothermia Kits

Steri 7 Disinfectant

Worming ewes at lambing time


Lambing medicine supplies

Watery mouth in lambs

Metabolic profiling

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Farm News January 2019

Liver Fluke


BVD Stamp It Out 

Rumen Fluke 

Sheep Mastitis Vaccine 

Calving Preparation 

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Farm News - December 2018

Calving gates

Pour on Flunixin

Trace element supplementation

WhatsApp group


Beef suckler nutrition

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Farm Newsletter - Dairy News November 2018

The National Johne's Management Plan

BVD Free

Critically Important Antibiotics

New Products

AgriScot 2018

Farm News November 2018

Smallholder Cooperative

Talking TB

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