Scott Mitchell Associates offers all the services you would hope to expect from a progressive farm animal practice. We have invested in veterinary technology to ensure that the service we provide is as up-to-date as possible; for example ultrasound scanners (both battery and mains powered), electro-ejaculators for bulls and tups, cast-cutter, foot trimming grinders, laboratory blood analyser and microscopes.


We believe in the promotion of herd and flock health to ensure that productivity of our clients farms is maximised. We use an on-line Health Planning system which is fully password protected and remotely accessible. This system ensures that all our health plans are easily altered and become dynamic, responding to the ever-changing health issues that our clients face. We ensure that all our farm clients have a regular herd/flock health consultation which is taylored specifically to their herd health needs. Many of our herds are members of Herd Health Schemes for diseases such as BVD, Johne's, IBR and Leptospirosis - schemes which we would advocate for all our herds. We are involved in a local project for the eradication of BVD in Hexhamshire.


Much of the farming production cycle is revolved around the successful breeding of sheep, dairy and beef cattle. We provide expertise and practical knowledge in ensuring that our clients are maximising the breeding potential of their stock. Routine fertility visits are provided for dairy farms, scanning and infertility investigation services are provided for our beef clients. We can perform thorough breeding soundness examinations for both bulls and tups by use of our electro-ejaculator. We are often involved in synchronisation programmes for embryo-transfer in cattle.


We have the facilities to hospitalise farm animals in our equine unit in Hexham. If calves require intravenous fluid therapy or lambs/sheep require hospitalisation for any reason, they can be accommodated. We have a sheep turnover crate for the examination of feet and it is also useful for restraining tups during vasectomisation. If required, the x-ray facilities and operating theatres can be utilised for more thorough investigative or surgical work.


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