"Sheep are not just small cows - and we understand that!" Claire Davies

There are a huge number of breeding ewes in the North-East area of rural England that the practice services, and because of this we have a wealth of experience and knowledge to provide to the sheep industry.

As with all our beef and dairy clients we actively encourage all sheep producers to have a working health plan. Integrated into the health plan on the majority of farms we perform blood sampling at strategic times of the production cycle to assess dietary energy, protein provision and trace element status. Particularly popular is the mid winter productivity profile in January - this dicates the need or not for fluke treatment, mineral provision or dietary intervention. Equally popular is the pre-lambing metabolic profile that reveals dietary adequacy or not as the case may be for your single, twin and triplet groupings. A tup semen testing service is provided - we believe it is essential to ensure your tups are fertile before you put them out with your ewes!

If clients' production targets are ever less than desirable the practice can provide thorough investigative services to ensure that profitablity is maximised and losses are reduced.


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