"To fully understand Rabbits and Guinea Pigs it helps if you have your own - several of us here do"

We are proud to look after rabbits and guinea-pigs and also supervise the rehoming of RSPCA cases. If you are interested in rehoming a neglected or unwanted rabbit or guinea pig then consider contacting RSPCA Northumberland West Branch - you'd be surprised how many stray domestic rabbits they have for rehoming. Several of our vets and nurses have their own at home - this really reinforces our full appreciation of these special pets and makes our delivery of care, advice and treatment all the more personal.

More and more people are looking to rabbits and guinea pigs as pets - they can make brilliant companions and give invaluable joy in return. Like all pets, they do require input frmo your behalf, the more you put in, the more you get out!

Did you know? Roger back in the seventies was the most successful junior exhibitor in the history of the Hexham Fur and Feather Society (he's got pictures to prove it but is too embarassed to reveal them!)

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