"I used to breed and show guinea-pigs, at one point I had 45 of the little beauties!" Roger Scott

Guinea pigs originated from the grasslands of South America. They are usually good natured and make excellent pets. Guinea pigs are social animals and are best housed in pairs or small groups. Guinea pigs should not be kept with rabbits; they are likely to suffer bullying and can contract a respiratory disease. When reared together from a young age they rarely fight. Guinea pigs are born fairly mature with open eyes and fur. Commercial diets are available and should be supplemented with hay and fresh vegetables. It is essential that they receive sufficient vitamin C in their diet.

Guinea pigs can be neutered to prevent aggression, unwanted pregnancies and some conditions of the reproductive tract.

When Guinea pigs are unwell they may appear hunched with ruffled fur and their eyes may appear sunken. If in doubt make an appointment to have them examined; being small their condition can deteriorate quite quickly.

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