"Rabbits are becoming very popular as house pets and can quite easily be house trained"

Keeping rabbits as pets developed in Victorian times and their popularity has increaed ever since. Although they are traditionally thought of as a children's pet they are now popular with adults as a house pet.

Grass and hay are essentail components of a rabbit's diet, hay should be fed ad lib. and rabbits should be allowed to graze for several hours a day or fed fresh cut grass. Commercial concentrate diet should also be fed the pelleted diet is preferred as it prevents selective feeding and ensures a balanced diet.

Rabbits are social animals and should be provided with a companion wherever possible. We would recommend the neutering of all pet rabbits at 4-6 months of age to prevent unwanted pregnancy, aggressive behaviour, sexual behaviour and the risk of cancer of the reproductive organs.

At Scott Mitchell Associates we will put in place a preventative health plan for your rabbit. This involves an annual health check and annual vaccinations for myxomatosis and viral haemorrhagic disease (VHD).


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