Client education and training

Client education and training

Since 2001 we have been delivering a diverse range of courses and we remain as committed as ever to this important, proactive aspect of our service. We regularly advertise talks and practical courses on all sorts of subjects covering all abilities.


Farm Training Courses

We provide client training courses covering a huge variety of subjects in our farm department, and this is becoming a large part of the service that we provide to our farm clients. Further education and updating knowledge is now essential for farmers to ensure herd/flock perfomance, and compliance with some farm assurance schemes.

All our Farmskills courses are co-ordinated and delivered by our Lantra qualified veterinary surgeons. Many courses are subsidised by grant funding, and as such we can keep the cost to our clients as low as possible. If there is a subject that you are interested in that we do not have listed below then please give us a ring - we are extremely willing to construct and deliver a training course on any subject that you would like (within reason!)

Courses that we have provided in the past include:

  • Pneumonia Seminar
  • Dairy Calf Rearing
  • Safe Use of Veterinary Medicines
  • 'Stamp Out Scab' (sheep scab seminar)
  • Sheep Lameness
  • Cattle Foot Trimming
  • BVD Seminar
  • Johne's Disease Seminar
  • Lambing Management
  • Bull Breeding Soundness
  • Beef Basics - skills for stockmen
  • Sheep Fertility

We also run a special series of courses for young farmers which always prove popular.


Equestrian Courses

We ran the first two EquineSkills courses in 2014, this provides quality assured small group practical based learning for horse owners with exceptional course materials. All attendees gave excellent feedback on their experience.

For 2015 the following EquineSkills courses are planned:

  •  10th /11th February: How Horses Learn, Benridge Riding Centre, Benridge Hagg, Morpeth
  • 14th April : Horse and Rider First aid Training ,Scott Mitchell Associates.
  • 11th June : Equine Foot Care, Scott Mitchell Associates.
  • 27th/28th July : Understanding your Horses Back, The Pegasus Centre, Morpeth.
  • October : Old Friends and Saying Goodbye, Scott Mitchell Associates.

For more details or to register for a course go to

In addition we hold an open meeting every Autumn with a guest speaker.

If you are interested in any aspect of education or training then please email either or For those who prefer to talk rather than email (and plenty do) then feel free to ring 01434 608999 and ask to talk about client education.