Extra mural studies (EMS)

"Seeing practice"

We welcome vet students, vet nurses and school work experience placements to "see practice" with us. For those interested in a career in the veterinary field it is the step on the ladder and for veterinary students it is a vital part of their training.

If you are interested then please apply in writing to Vicki Ord either by post or by emailing farm@vets1.com

Vet students can also make use of the XLVets EMS facility to be found on www.vetems.co.uk

We do receive a large number of requests particularly for the school work experience placements so please apply early to increase your chance of being successful.

Anybody successful in their application will need to provide documentation stating their eligibility for the position, and in order to protect your safety and that of our clients and patients students will need to adhere to the following set of guidelines:

Download the work experience and veterinary student code of conduct PDF here