Changes to prescribing Gabapentin, Tramadol and Phenobarbital

The government has made changes to the law regarding Gabapentin, Tramadol and Phenobarbital for animals on these medications long term.

From Monday 1st April Gabapentin, Tramadol and Phenobarbital will be classified has a Controlled Drug and new rules will come into force. From that date it will become illegal for anyone to possess or take these medications unless it has been prescribed for their animal (or themselves if prescribed by a doctor). It will also be illegal for anyone to sell or supply Gabapentin, Tramadol and Phenobarbital to someone else.

To comply with these changes we now have to limit the amount of Gabapentin, Tramadol and Phenobarbital dispensed at any one time. So,

From now on we are only able to prescribe a 30 day supply of Gabapentin, Tramadol and Phenobarbital for your pet.

The way you order your pet’s prescription has not changed, please give us a call on 01434 608999 with at least 24 hours notice. As usual we will still need to re-examine your animal every 6 months if on long term medication.

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