On 6th April 2016 it became law that every dog in the country must be microchipped by 8 weeks of age. This applies whether your dog leaves your premises or not.

If your dog is not yet microchipped please phone the surgery on 01434 608999 to make an appointment.

The procedure of microchipping is quick and simple - we inject a small chip, about the size of a grain of rice, under the skin between your dog's shoulders, similar to when we vaccinate your dog.

The chip has a unique bar code which can be read using a special scanner by people such as dog wardens and vets, and is registered to a database containing your contact details, so your pet can quickly be reunited with you should they go missing.

If you have rehomed a dog and are unsure if it has already been chipped, or you have no record of the chip number, please bring your dog to the surgery and we will check for you free of charge - it is then an easy process for you to change the information on the database.

It's not just dogs that can be microchipped. Although it is not a legal requirement it is a really good idea to microchip your cat or rabbit. We see more stray cats than stray dogs, and we always breathe a sigh of relief if they are microchipped and we can get in touch with their owner promptly!

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