Equine Visits: reduced cost visits for all clients

Zone visits offer a reduced price visit of £20 for one owner and £10 for more than one owner at same yard for planned routine veterinary work.

We are able to offer this service by mapping the most efficient route around the calls – therefore it is not possible to specify a time or vet for a zone visit.

Zone 1 (NE44, NE46-47, NE49 & DH8) -  First Monday of the month

Zone 2 (NE19, NE45 & NE48) -  Second Monday of the month

Zone 3 (NE1-7, NE12-13, NE15, NE15, NE18, NE20, NE22-30 & NE61) - Third Monday of the month

Zone 4  (NE8-11, NE16-17, NE21, NE31-43) - Fourth Monday of the Month

Zone 5 (DH2-7, DH9 & DL13-16) - Fourth Tuesday of the Month


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