BVD testing

BVD is a disease of cattle causing abortions, poor fertility, stunted calves and high death rates in both beef and dairy herds. As it affects herds in many different ways you may have BVD within your herd without knowing it.

Testing is straight forward. In beef herds we blood sample 5 homebred calves between 9 and 18 months of age from each separately managed group. That usually means Spring calves are sampled in December/January and Autumn born calves in July/August. This is a screen to see if BVD has been in the herd in the previous 12 months. In dairy herds bulk tank sampling can be used as part of a herd screen.

There is an industry drive to encourage all herds to test for and eradicate BVD. Not only is a herd without BVD heathier and more productve there is trade benfits to having a BVD free herd, especially when selling cattle north of the border!


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