Local Post Mortem services

Postmortems can provide valuable information on the cause of death of an individual animal and provide additional information that may affect the remaining herd or flock, such as parasite burdens and pneumonia bugs.

As many of you will be aware the AHVLA laboratory at Newcastle recently ceased to provide a postmortem service. We are privileged to be able to benefit from the services of Ben Strugnell, a vet who is offering a post mortem service at Warrens dead stock collection centre in Hamsterley Cty. Durham. A postmortem can be requested when the collection of the carcass is arranged. Ben then carries out the postmortem and reports back to us with what he has found.

As for abortions, we are now able to take the necessary samples for testing ourselves. This can either be done on the farm when we carry out manditory Brucella testing after abortion occurs or abortions can be brought to the surgery for sampling.

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